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Crowdtap Review

Since I was blogging about how to get backlinks yesterday I was giving some thought last night to the many ways available to us to build up more links to our sites in an easy manner. That got me thinking about blog commenting which is popular amongst a lot of Internet Marketers in places like the Warrior Forum.

Why Use Crowdtap?

If you visit any blog on the Internet you will see that there is a comment section below the posts where you cam leave your 2 cents. Most bloggers I analyze Crowdtap here are really trying to build up a community of people who read their blogs and return time and again to read their content. Having a large number of comments after every post is a great way to build this feeling of community but encouraging readers to contribute can be difficult.

To entice visitors to leave comments bloggers use the carrot and stick approach, ie. you make a comment about my post which makes my blog look popular and I’ll give you a link to your website. So when you fill in the comment section there is a place for you to enter your chosen URL which links your name back to your site when its published.

The problem is that the vast majority of blogging platforms now implement a nofollow link on their comments section which means that Google will ignore these links and make your efforts pretty much worthless in terms of increased search engine ranking benefit. Of course, you might get a few visitors who read your comment and click on your name but that is not why bloggers leave a comment. We want to get more quality backlinks that Google takes into consideration to push us further up the search engine rankings.

To get around this many bloggers install wordpress plugins to enable visitors to get the benefits of a dofollow link in exchange for taking part in the community. This can lead to the obvious problem that these blogs become targeted by spammers who are uninterested in the content of the posts but will hunt down “dofollow” blogs just to leave irrelevant comments in the hope of getting a free backlink. This unfortunate side effect can lead many to abandon the “Dofollow” plugins due to the effort it takes to sort the spam from the genuine comments but some feel that the increase in traffic makes it worthwhile.

Is Crowdtap worthwhile?

There’s a little controversy as to whether a comment in a “dofollow” blog is worth the same as a link from a post but my gut feeling is that Google is going to differentiate from real “in content” links and those from commenter’s. Even if it doesn’t or can’t do it at the moment, I feel that its something it will do in the future. Having said that a “dofollow” blog link is still going to be worth infinitely more than a “nofollow” so if you happen to find yourself on a blog that has implemented the plugin then it is worth your time commenting. Just keep in mind that someone at the other end has to moderate your comment so make sure you’re adding value to the discussion in return for your link. Also, it will be a huge help if the site your commenting on is related to yours. Google values links that are in context much more highly than those form sites which are totally unrelated to your.

Adsense: Make Money Online Adds “dofollow” Links

Which brings me nicely to the point of this post, which is the fact that I have decided to stick “dofollow” links in my comments section for this Make money with Adsense. The mind boggles as to why I would actually want to take such a insane measure considering all the spam comments I am about to be bombarded with but I think I might also make a positive impact on the site. If I can get more readers and build a better community then I’m willing to put in more work to the site. With my hopefully herculean results with the 100 posts in 30 days challenge I’m doing this month it would be nice if there were more people around to read all the original content I’m going to be putting up.

In addition I should now be able to get this site listed on a dofollow blog list or two which will give me some extra backlinks to help push me up the rankings.

The Rules For Commenting On This Dofollow Blog

To make things a bit easier on myself I’m going to make up a few rules that have to be followed by people who want to get their free backlinks:

1. All comments have to add something to the content of the post; “nice post”comments are not going to cut it.

2. Comments will have to be at least 35 words long – This might be a bit harsh and I might ignore it once this start going but to begin with it’ll make my job a bit easier. And its shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve if you are actually adding to the discussion.

3. I’ve installed the KeywordLuv plugin as well which allows you to use your keywords as anchor text to your site. The format for putting in your name when making a comment is yourname@yourkeyword. KeywordLuv will do the work and only make your keyword clickable but I want people to leave their name rather than just the keywords.

There you go, easy to follow rules for a free dofollow link, get commenting!

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